Ann Marie’s testimonial

Ann Marie’s testimonial

“I really cannot recommend Bee enough to be a pet sitter. She cares for each animal as if it was her own pet. She truly cares about what is best for the animal no matter how inconvenient it is. She is very responsive and sends me video updates and pictures anytime she watches my dog. She works with any issues my dog has and reinforces training I am currently working on. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better sitter.

“She takes the time to understand what training you are working on and even if it is difficult or time consuming she puts the effort in. She truly cares about the development of the dog. She is a strong advocate for positive reinforcement and has the patience to work with my pup.

“…she corrects Ruggles’ [my dog’s] behavior as I would. It is SO important to keep the messaging consistent with a dog and she does this. She has even taught me some additional training to work on him with. When I informed Bee of my dog’s chewing habit she offered some great all-natural remedies to deter him from that behavior.

“…she ensures the safety and comfort of my dog. She really does love my annoying little puppy as if it was her own. …when our puppies got angry at each other she handled the situation when I could not. It was the safety of my dog that was at risk and she controlled the situation. She remained calm and used her previous training and education to handle the situation, making sure that both dogs came out okay. This was huge for me.

“I cannot describe how thankful I am for Bee. I have pretty high expectations when it comes to who I will and won’t let watch my dog and Bee surpasses all of those expectations.”

– Ann Marie

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