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Bee's Pet and Home Care provides exemplary in-home pet and house sitting for Austin-area residents.

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“I cannot describe how thankful I am for Bee. I have pretty high expectations when it comes to who I will and won’t let watch my dog, Ruggles.”

– Ann Marie

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“I have 100% confidence in Bee knowing my pets are in good hands and responsibly being looked after as well as my home…”

– Josh

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All-inclusive packages guarantee quality care. No matter the type of visit your pet and home receive my intensive attention.

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*Extra pet charges

$5 per pet over:
– 2 dogs
– 3 cats
– or 3 total animals

Other than dogs and cats, I consider groups of pets as one pet (flock of chickens, colony of rabbits, aquarium full of fish, etc.)

Pet sitter can only walk 2 dogs at once for safety reasons, so if you have three or more dogs needing walks you will need to pay for another dog walk per up to two dogs.

Meet your sitters

Loving pet sitters with training/behavioral issues experience and veterinarian backgrounds!
Bee Strickland
Owner, pet sitter, dog walker

Bee Strickland

I hail from SE Texas but moved to Austin in 2010.
I had an office job here in ATX for seven years but I finally mustered up the courage to quit and pursue my passion… working with and caring for animals!
After quitting my office job I worked at a doggy daycare facility as a kennel technician and learned more than I could have imagined about dogs! There they taught us how to train, socialize, observe, and care for dogs of all temperaments, shapes, and sizes.
I am owned by three cats, one dog, 6 chickens, and lots of fish.
Handmaking skincare is my second passion. You can find it over at Bee Kind Soapery.
I love training dogs and working with behavioral issues so that I can improve the life of the dog and its family members. I hope to one day become a professional dog trainer!
I consider myself a cat whisperer and have always been called a “crazy cat lady” by my peers.
I attended college for about four years studying business before I switched paths to geology. I realized it still wasn’t the correct career path for me (though I am an avid rock hound to this day) and that I could learn much better about my true passions (animals and skin care) outside of the confines of college.

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Kristy Steinitz
Pet sitter and dog walker

Kristy Steinitz

Originally from Maryland, Kristy moved to Austin in 2014.
She has been enamored with animals ever since she could say “dog”.
Kristy has 9 years of pet sitting experience!
She has been volunteering her time to assist with animal rescue since 2012 and has even worked at a local favorite, Austin Pets Alive! helping out the amazing medical team. In addition to APA! she volunteered in MD assisting the behavior specialist and foster care program at the local animal welfare league.
Kristy started as a veterinary technician at a local animal hospital in 2014 and was quickly made lead vet tech on account of her dedication to and passion for animals.  She has recently cut back on hours (but still currently practicing) at the hospital to focus on pet sitting and volunteering as this is what truly makes her happy.
This awesome pet sitter’s skills and experience include but are not limited to:
extensive hands-on experience with pets via pet sitting, fostering, volunteering, and “vet teching”
oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular, and intravenous medicating
confidence to safely handle animals of all demeanors
examining and recognizing medical irregularities
how to handle emergency situations

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