Bee’s Pet & Home Care instills confidence and pride in pet owners by providing proactive and strategic pet and home care.

Bee is bonded and insured, pet first-aid certified, and highly recommended.

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“I cannot describe how thankful I am for Bee. I have pretty high expectations when it comes to who I will and won’t let watch my dog, Ruggles.”

– Ann Marie

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“I have 100% confidence in Bee knowing my pets are in good hands and responsibly being looked after as well as my home…”

– Josh

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Service areas

Bee’s service areas are highlighted on the map below.

Clients in the teal area are not charged mileage. Clients in the purple area will be charged mileage.
Click on the colored sections of the map for more information.

Please refer to the map above to see if you will need to pay additional mileage charges.

***I do not kennel dogs at my own home. I provide pet care only in clients’ homes.***

Potty break – 15 minutes – $18

  • Supervised outside potty and play time
  • Text/e-mail picture updates
  • Dog poop scoop
  • Refresh water
  • Treats and tricks
  • Affection
  • Security check of home

A-la-carte dog walk – 20 or 40 minutes – $22 or $30 (2 dogs max)

  • Refresh water
  • Treats!
  • Good walking manners always encouraged – I will work with you and your dog to discourage pulling.
  • No dog walks will be performed after dark or in dangerous weather conditions including heavy rain or high heat.
  • Only 2 dogs will be walked at a time for safety reasons – I do not perform group walks (but I know another great pet sitter who does).

Full service check ins – 30 minutes – $26

  • Play time
  • Supervised potty and outside time for pups
  • Text/e-mail picture updates
  • Poop scooping (dog)/clean litter box
  • Feed meals and refresh water (and clean their dishes if needed)
  • Administer medication (injections and/or SubQ fluids may cost extra)
  • Check over of your pets (ears, eyes, teeth, feet, nails, skin, and coat)
    *If anything out of the ordinary is noticed you will be alerted.*
  • Comforting, petting, and love
  • Mind stimulation (tricks and treats)
  • Pet-safety check of your home
  • Tidying up as needed (pick up toys, clean food and water spills, etc.)
  • Light home care – watering plants, rotating lights and blinds, collecting mail, bringing in/out waste cans
  • Security check of home

Hour-long check ins – 60 or 120 minutes – $35 or $55

  • Everything included in full-service – just more of it!
  • A dog walk or vigorous playtime can be included at no extra cost if there is allotted time – we will discuss in the meet & greet.
    • Dogs will never be exercised less than 30 minutes before eating, or two hours after eating. This is to avoid a life-threatening condition known as GDV or “bloat”.

Overnight stays – 9 hours – $80

  • 10pm – 7am minimum (I will stay longer if my schedule allows!)
  • Everything included in full-service
  • No dog walks will be performed during dark. This is for my own and your pets’ safety.

Extra pet fee

  • $5 per pet over 2 dogs, 3 cats, or 3 total animals.
  • Aquariums and small mammals usually do not apply to the extra pet fee unless they require extensive maintenance.


  • Let’s talk about a discount if you need pet care for more than 7 consecutive days.

Meet Bee

Proactive pet sitter with training/behavioral issues experience
Bee Strickland
Owner, pet sitter, dog walker

Bee Strickland

I hail from SE Texas but moved to Austin in 2010.
I had an office job here in ATX for seven years, but I finally mustered up the courage to quit and pursue my passion… working with and caring for animals!
After quitting my office job I worked at a doggy daycare facility as a kennel technician and learned more than I could have imagined about dogs! There they taught us how to train, socialize, observe, and care for dogs of all temperaments, shapes, and sizes.
I am owned by three cats, one dog, and lots of fish, neocaridina shrimp, and snails. I used to have chickens… ask the raccoons about that.
Handmaking skincare is my second passion. You can find it over at Bee Kind Botanics.
I consider myself a cat whisperer and have always been called a “crazy cat lady” by my peers.
I attended college for four years studying business and geology.

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